Toddlers & Tots Soft Play Barns and Outdoor Play Area


Traditionally Blithbury Reindeer Lodge has only opened for specific events throughout the year and we are always asked if we are open in the Summer.

So, this year we have decided to make some significant changes and open Indoor soft play and outdoor play areas for Toddlers and Tots during the summer months.

From early June 2018 we will be open daily. 

Tuesday to Sunday 10am until 6pm.

We have Indoor and Outdoor play areas for Toddlers and Tots plus a selection of animals to meet and greet.  Our Indoor play area has plenty to keep little ones busy, it has a slide, swing, tunnels, bridge and of course a ball pit.  We’ll post pictures as soon as construction is complete.

We have specific play area for tiny tots where they can play safely with other children of the same age.

All the play areas are currently under construction and finally nearing completion.  Once completed they will be inspected and tested to ensure they comply with current Health and Safety standards.

In the Summer months we are hoping for lots of sunshine so that your children can enjoy our outdoor play area and also play in the Sandpit.

We have a dedicated barn where children can play on ‘Ride-along’ toys, they can enjoy our mini track laid out with straw bales.

Alongside we also have a small area where children can meet and learn about some of the smaller animals on the farm.  They can see chickens, goats, rabbits, donkeys and a pony.

Whilst the little ones are busy, grown-ups can relax, enjoy a cup of tea and a bite to eat in the brand new seating area in our barn.  The seating is located close to the indoor play area so you keep an eye on your children at all times.

Admission prices will be released shortly, the admission ticket will give access to both Indoor and Outdoor play areas, the ‘Ride along’ barn and the small animal section only.

The ticket is not an admission to the Reindeer Lodge, the reindeer enjoy a relaxing summer in the fields after all their hard work at Christmas, we will open the Reindeer Lodge to the public for our ‘Meet the Babies’ event in June.

So …..If it’s after the school run or a few hours at the weekend we look forward to meeting you all.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates as we countdown to opening day.



The story so far……..

Ok, where’s the instruction book ??

Construction begins…….

It’s taking shape, the tunnel is in …….

Woo – steps and a trampoline!

Nearly done, big slide for the ball pit in place.

Nearly done….. Work will start on the Tots play area soon and the Outdoor play centre.