Santa’s Spectacular Arrival at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Santa’s Spectacular Arrival at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

Everybody knows that Santa keeps his Reindeer at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge and we’ve looked after them carefully all year.  The time has come again, as the Christmas season is upon us, to welcome Santa back to lodge for the festivities to begin.

Join us Friday November 10th when we are expecting Santa to arrive in Spectacular style.  We will open the gates at 5pm and we are hoping the Santa will make his appearance at 6pm.

Entry to this event is FREE of charge, please make your booking on-line. You will not be able to enter the lodge if you have not made a booking as there are limited car parking spaces available for this event.

Bookings will be made per car, so please car share where possible. You will need your car registration to make a booking, this will be printed on the confirmation you bring with you for entrance to the lodge.

On arrival you will be welcomed in the ticket office, you can then wander the reindeer lodge to fuss and feed our beautiful herd.

We have over 150 reindeer so Santa may need some help to find all of his!  The children will have fun going from shed to shed searching for all 9 of them.

You can warm up in our barn in front of a roaring log fire or browse around our brand new shop in the courtyard for those last minute gifts.

Please note this is not a visit to Santa in his grotto.

Santa will be exhausted after his journey so he won’t have time at this event to speak to all the children individually in his grotto.  Although he will spend time in the barn relaxing by the fire, warming his toes and chatting to as many of you as he can.

After his arrival and a good nights sleep Santa will be seeing children in his grotto from 9.30am Saturday 11th November until Christmas Eve, bookings for the Christmas Experience can be made on-line.

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