The Reindeer Year

Over twelve months Reindeer will naturally go through different stages of development and growth.

December – January

This is when the blood supply to the reindeer antlers retracts, resulting in them naturally “dropping” their antlers. The antlers start re-growing within a month of them dropping and will be fully grown by August.

March – July

During this time reindeer completely lose their coats, which comes out in clumps. Their antlers also will be regrowing around this time, a stage that is called “in velvet” because of the velvet type coating that covers the antlers during this delicate time.  Their antlers are fully grown by August and they will be sporting new winter coats by September time, ensuring they look their best for the busy Christmas season.


This is when the baby Reindeer, known as calves, are born.

September – November

This period is known as rutting season when the cows (female reindeer) are covered by the bulls (male reindeer).