Christmas FAQs

Q. Can I change my booking?
A. If you wish to change your original booking please email directly and we will respond to your request as quickly as we can. Please refrain from calling because we cannot guarantee that your call will be answered. We are unable to man the phones all day whilst we are busy preparing for Christmas.


Q. Can I purchase tickets on the day?
A. It depends on the event you book. If you want to see Santa during your visit all tickets MUST be booked in advance and prior to arrival. All bookings need to be made online through our secure website booking form. 


Q. There are 6 in our family and I note that your slots for Santa are for a maximum of 5 people. How do I book?
A. We welcome families of all sizes to Blithbury Reindeer Lodge. However, the cosy nature of Santa’s grotto means that we can only accommodate 5 people maximum in a single slot to see Santa. If you’re visiting as a larger family group you would need to purchase an additional adult ticket(s) for the other members of your party. The additional adult ticket holders will be able to enter the lodge, however they will not be able to go through to see Santa.


Q. My 11 year old wants to come with us, but doesn’t want to see Santa.
A. For our Christmas Experience at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge we class adults as 12+. However, if children younger than 12 years old want to visit but do not wish to see Santa, nor receive a gift, then you are welcome to purchase an adult ticket for them.


Q. Do I have to buy a ticket for my 24-month-old?
A. A child for the experience we offer at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge, is classed as 24 months+ to 12 years old. If you have a baby under 24 months at the time of your visit and don't wish for them to receive a gift, then you do not have to purchase a ticket for them. However, if you do wish for your child under 24 months to receive a present and to be able to take part in all the activities, you will be required to purchase a child ticket for them. We have age appropriate gifts for all children, including babies and toddlers.


Q. What does an adult/child ticket include?
A. Your ticket gives you entrance to Blithbury Reindeer Lodge with the chance to meet our beautiful reindeer herd. Further details of what your ticket includes depend on the event you have chosen to attend and are listed on the individual event pages.


Q. I want to visit with my toddler; can I only attend on Toddler Days?
A. Not at all, our general Christmas Lapland Experience which takes place every weekend from mid-November through to Christmas Eve is open to everyone. 
Toddler Days are designed for parents and grandparents with pre-school children who may wish to visit Blithbury during the week before the schools break up. The lodge is a little quieter when the older children are at school.


Q.  I’m buying tickets for myself and a group of friends, but want us to see Santa as 3 separate families. Can I make one booking for all of us within my time slot?
A. Unfortunately not. Each booking equates to one group to see Santa, and with a maximum of 5 people per booking. You would need to complete separate bookings for each group that wants to see Santa. However, if you all book in the same time slot (subject to availability), you will all go through together and will only be apart for your visits to Santa’s Grotto.


Q.  I’m an adult wanting to visit, but I don’t want to see Santa.
A. Reindeer by Night is specifically for adults who wish to visit without children. These events take place on a weekday evening and include entrance to the Lodge, talks about the reindeer, and the opportunity to stock up on Christmas gifts courtesy of our shop.  If you are unable to attend these events and wish to come during the weekend, then you need to purchase an “Additional Adult Ticket”.


Q. I don't have a PayPal account, so how can I make payment?
A. To take payments at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge we use the secure system of PayPal. However, you don't need to have a PayPal account to make a payment. When you click through to PayPal you will be given the option to pay by card. You will receive a confirmation email when payment is made. If for any reason the payment is not successful, the unpaid booking will be cancelled.


Q. When will we receive our tickets?
A. Bookings for Christmas at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge are sent electronically, so you will not receive any physical tickets in advance. You should print off and bring your email confirmation with you. Alternatively, emails to your phone can be shown in the ticket office


Q. How long does a visit to Blithbury Reindeer Lodge last?
A. The length of a visit to Blithbury Reindeer Lodge is very personal and dependent on those attending and, on some days, the weather! Some children are mesmerised by the reindeer and will spend hours at the farm, while other children will only spend a few minutes looking at the reindeer. It depends on how your children interact with the activities we offer as to how long you wish to spend here. The weather also plays a vital factor as it can become very cold here in Winter. On average a visit to Blithbury Reindeer Lodge lasts approximately 2 hours, but you can stay as long as you wish within the opening hours on the day of your visit.


Q. I came previously at Christmas, is there anything different happening this year?
A. Our feedback from previous years has been great, with Blithbury Reindeer Lodge being awarded a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor again in recognition of this. We always seek to improve and enhance what we offer each year. For 2018 we have made significant changes; we have introduced a soft play area for toddlers and tots (height restricted to 100cm), an indoor feeding area, video screens, singing reindeer, plus new catering facilities and additional toilet facilities.

We have re-introduced photographs in the grottos during your visit with Santa, so you will get the opportunity to have a souvenir photograph taken of you and your group with Santa for a small additional charge.


Q. How long do we have to queue to see Santa?
A. There is no need to queue as everyone in the same time slot will be ticked off the register together. You and your little ones will be fully entertained by video screens during this time as you wait to be called through to see Santa.


Q. Is the time slot I book for Santa my arrival time?
A. No, the time slot you booked is not your arrival time, it is when you will meet Father Christmas.

Your visit to Santa could be at the start or the end of your visit, it is entirely up to you. Please plan your visit carefully around our opening and closing times. We do advise that you arrive at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge at least 20 minutes before your allocated time slot to allow time for parking and booking in. If you miss your time slot it may not be possible for you to see Santa. Please check our last admission time to allow adequate time for you to take part in the activities before we close.


Q. Can I bring my child’s pushchair?
A. Blithbury Reindeer Lodge is fully accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The only place that pushchairs can’t be taken is into Santa’s grotto due to limited space and fire safety. However, we can accommodate wheelchairs in Santa’s Grotto (Please state ‘Wheelchair Access’ in the comments section when making your booking)


Sleigh Rides


Q. Is there a time slot for my sleigh ride?
A. No, you may have to queue on the day for the sleigh rides. However, we do run multiple sleighs at a time, to keep the wait time to a minimum.


Q. Why are the sleigh rides only for 1 adult and 1 child?
A. During the Christmas Experience our sleigh rides use traditional Scandinavian sleighs, which have been pulled by reindeer for hundreds of years and are still used today in Lapland. The sleighs sit much lower to the ground and are lighter, ensuring the reindeer can pull them with ease. To keep them light, we need to restrict passengers to 1 adult and 1 child. We will have more than 1 sleigh running at a time though, so if you are visiting as a family with 2 of more children, your sleighs can run at the time same.


Q. I'm visiting with a baby and a toddler; can they both come in the sleigh with me?
A. If you have two very young children it may be possible for them to go in the sleigh with one adult. This will depend on size and weight. It is best to speak to the sleigh team on the day.


Q. I have a 5 and 7-year-old, can they ride in the sleigh together without me?
A. NO. An adult must accompany a child on the sleigh ride. An adult ticket is a person aged 12 years and older.


Q. If sleigh rides are cancelled on the day, will we receive a refund?

A. We reserve the right to amend or cancel any activities due to situations which are outside of our control, for example extreme weather conditions. If you have paid for a sleigh ride and we close them due to weather conditions, we will issue a credit note for the value of the sleigh ride to be redeemed at pay points around the lodge.

Credit notes or refunds will not be issued if you run out of time to complete the activity on the day during our open hours.

Q. Can we have our picture taken in the Sleigh?
A. Due to the busy nature of the Sleigh Ride area we politely request that you don’t take photos whilst getting in or out of the sleighs. We do have a specific photograph area which the handlers will point out to you on the day.



Q. Can we bring our own food with us?
A. We have improved our catering facilities for 2018 and increased the seating in this area. Due to the popularity of the Christmas Events we request that only food purchased in these locations can be consumed on site (with the exception of baby food).

We serve a selection of hot drinks and snacks in our barn next to the roaring open log fire.


Q. I want to bring my elderly parents with me, is the Lodge accessible for them?
A. Blithbury Reindeer Lodge is fully accessible for everyone. All our pathways are flat; we have ramps into all our buildings, a large disabled toilet, baby changing facilities and plenty of seating in the barn. It does get cold at the Lodge during the winter months as we are very exposed, so we recommend that the elderly and young wrap up very well to keep warm.


Q. Is there any local accommodation available?
A. Please find below links to 5 different local Bed and Breakfasts that offer accommodation. Christmas is a busy time so please book in advance by contacting the Bed and Breakfast directly.


Colton House                                        01889 578580 -


The Olde Peculiar                                         01543 491891


Ye Olde Dun Cow                                            01889 584026 -


Buttercross Bed and Breakfast        01283 262997


Marsh Farm Bed and Breakfast                                    01283 840323



Q. Will I have a photo taken in a grotto with Santa?
A. Yes, a souvenir photograph will be taken during your visit with Santa. The pictures will be available for you to purchase for a small additional fee. 

To keep Santa running on time so he can see everybody, we ask that you do not take your own pictures in the grotto area. 



Q. When can arrive for my Christmas Experience?
We will open our gates at a set time for each individual event. These can be found on our Dates, Times and Prices page and the individual event page when you book.

If you arrive before this time please do not queue in the drive. Whilst Santa is here during November & December we are still a working farm and access is required for staff members and farm vehicles. For Health & safety reasons we cannot allow members of the public onto the site prior to the stated opening times.


Q. We normally enter our children’s information at the time of booking, why has this changed?
A. With several billion children in the world, it's quite tricky for Santa to remember each one individually, so traditionally we ask for parents or grandparents to provide some basic information about the children visiting.  

This year we have changed and simplified the booking procedure so that one month before your visit you will receive an email from us requesting this information.

Requesting this information one month before your visit limits the amount of changes we have to make when their Christmas list changes.

This will make sure that Santa is fully briefed for when the children see him - a little detail which helps to keep the magic alive!


Q. What gifts do the children receive?
A. Santa's Elves have prepared a range of quality gifts for children of all ages to choose from. Once children have visited Santa they will be invited into the Elves Toy Workshop to select a gift for themselves. We leave the gifts unwrapped so that the children can see what they are able to choose from.


Q. Where can I find information about your opening times?
A. The opening times for Christmas for all of our different events can be found on our Dates, Times and Prices page.


Q. My timeslot for Santa is 4pm, what time should I arrive?
A. We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your allocated time slot for Santa. Please check our last admission times for the event you have booked.


Q. Can we visit the Lodge on or after Christmas Day?
A. Father Christmas has got to get ready to deliver all the presents and deserves a nice rest after all his hard work. The lodge closes on Christmas Eve at 4pm and will not reopen until the 29th and 30th December 2018, where we will reopen to allow visitors to come and see the reindeer one final time in 2018. Please follow our social media pages for announcements of our events throughout 2018.


Q. What age qualifies as a child?
Children aged 2 - 12 years old at the time of visiting Blithbury Reindeer Lodge are classed as a children and will require a child ticket. Children under 24-months can attend the lodge free of charge, however, they will not receive a present from Santa. If you do wish for them to receive a present, please purchase a child ticket for them.


Q. Can I make a group booking?
The Christmas Experience we offer at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge is tailored to family groups to give a personal feel to their visit with Santa.

Therefore, the experience is not set up for large groups. However, if you do have a large group booking enquiry please contact us at to see if we can accommodate your booking.


Q. What happens if we arrive late and after our Santa slot?
A. If you arrive after your allocated time slot for our Christmas Experience we will try to provide an additional time slot for you if possible; however, we cannot guarantee this as it is subject to availability. No refund will be given.


Q. Is the experience outside?
During the winter months, the reindeer are housed in our barns, so you will be outside to see and feed our beautiful herd, and for your sleigh ride. Your visit with Santa is located inside our Barn area and we now have an indoor feeding area too. It will still feel cold however, so please dress appropriately and wrap up warm!


Q. Is there a charge for parking?
Car parking is free at the Lodge for all of our Christmas events; however, it is limited so we ask that where possible you car share with other members of your party arriving on the day.


Q. Do you offer any discount for Carers?
A. We offer free admission during our Weekday Christmas Lapland Experience events only for carers accompanying those who are registered disabled and require 1-2-1 care. We just ask for proof of disability such as a Blue Badge; Statement of Education Needs from a LEA or LHS or letter from a medical professional on NHS headed paper, in order to offer these places.

Please email  if you wish to request a free carer admission ticket (activities and refreshments are payable).


Booking Changes

Q. I am no longer able to make the date I have booked tickets for, can I move onto another date?
A. This is subject to availability and due to the administration involved with creating a new personalised booking. There will be a £10 administration charge for changing the booking. Please see our 
Terms and Conditions for further information.


Q. Can I add extra people onto my booking?
A. If you decide to add more people to your booking if you can purchase an additional adult ticket. However, the additional adult tickets are subject to availability as there is a capped number for each day.


Q. I made a booking a couple of days ago but still haven't received my booking confirmation?
A. Booking confirmations are sent out automatically once payment has been received.  Sometimes these emails go into spam/junk folders so please check all your folders initially and if you still can't find your confirmation please email us at requesting it to be re-sent stating the email address you wish for it to be resent to.


Q. If I cancel my booking will I receive a refund?
A. Cancellation of a booking will incur a full cancellation charge – no refunds will be given.


Q. Can I change to a different time slot?
A. Bookings are non-refundable but can be transferred to another date up to 5 days prior to your visit. However, this is subject to availability.Please note that there will be an administration fee of £10 per booking for changes to times and days due to the time involved in cancelling your original booking and processing a new one.

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